What Size Harness Do I Need

what size harness does my dog need?

please ... measure your dog for accurate harness sizing ...

The UdogU Easy On Harness is designed specially for smaller dogs, to avoid the trachea problems that can arise from stubborn pulling on a collar. Our harness fits dogs from under 3 lbs. up to approximately 45 lbs.

Like all great attire, the UdogU Easy-On Harness depends on accurate measurements for the perfect fit. Different breeds have different "figure profiles", so weight alone may not tell you which size you need. Slender breeds (dachshunds, for example) will need a smaller size than stocky breeds (such as pugs) at the same weight. Your dog's ribcage measurement is the best guide to harness size.

Please measure around your dog's ribcage just behind her front legs, as shown in the photo, then refer to our Harness Sizing chart. You may find that two different sizes will fit your dog. Normally, the best size to select will be the smaller of the two sizes. But don't worry - with our Harness Fit Guarantee, even if you select the wrong size, we'll exchange it for you.

Harness Sizing

Please measure your pet carefully.
The size you ordered before may have changed.
Be sure to base the size on the ribcage measurement, not the weight.
It will save you from returning the harness for a different size.
Size Inches
Rib Cage
Teacup 11 - 13" 2.5 - 4 lbs. 1/2"
Teacup Plus 13 - 15" 4 - 7 lbs. 3/4"
Toy 14 - 17" 6 - 9 lbs. 3/4"
Toy Plus 16 - 19" 8 - 11 lbs. 3/4"
Small 17 - 21" 10 - 15 lbs. 3/4"
Small Plus 19 - 23" 14 - 19 lbs. 3/4"
Medium 21 - 26" 18 - 24 lbs. 1"
Medium Plus 23 - 28" 23 - 30 lbs. 1"
Large 26 - 33" 30 - 45 lbs. 1"

We offer the Easy-On Harness in two styles: the clean lines of the Original Easy-On Harness, and the girly Easy-On Ruffle Harness. All of our products are available in matching high-fashion fabrics for a complete ensemble. Order a Harness Set for a special savings.

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